Slagsmålsklubben have released Jake Blood, the first single from their forthcoming album, The Garage.
The reuinted Flightside finished recording
their first songs for 18 years in Feb 2012.
Their new single will be released through
suddenvibe in April.
51 Breaks
51 Breakswill be releasing
the Hindenburg EP through
suddenvibe in April 2012.
Flightside were a cult student
band in the 1990s. They were
noted for their energetic live
performances which
were inconsistant and shambolic
long before Pete Doherty first
discovered alcohol.
A chance meeting in 2011 led to
the birth of four new songs before
their self-destructive tendencies
ripped the band apart again.

The songs will be released in 2012
to celebrate the 20th anniversary
of the band's formation.
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